Newborn Photography business training

Are you are a newborn photographer that struggles with the business side of being in business?

Have you  had the photography training but not sure what you need to be doing in your business?

Maybe you are just starting out and feel overwhelmed and dont know where to start.

This business training, goes beyond the surface to help you with your mindset, self belief and your business structure.

I know many, many photographers are absolutely brilliant at capturing stunning images, but when it comes to business, this is where it falls flat.

I totally get it, when I first started all I wanted to do was create gorgeous images, the business side was an after thought, but the business side is the structure you need in place to allow you to create those gorgeous images, bring in the money, provide an excellent service, get rave reviews and a stream of bookings and enquiries, so you can have a better life-work balance. Together we will work on your business to give you focus and clarity to reach your goals.

Whether you want to join my photography Be you Business course, download my business workbook, or book a business health check.

A business health check takes a look at your business as a whole. If you are not getting the results you desire, I help you identify any issues and help you improve your business by highlighting areas that need improvement and offering solutions.

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This mentoring programme is specifically for the newborn photographer who is struggling to get enquiry’s or turning that enquiry into a booking.

This online mentoring programme is for you if you want more bookings and more money.

This is for the newborn photographer that wants to charge appropriately for their work and time, this is not for the budget and proud photographer, the photographer that wants to be the cheapest in the area.

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Photography buisness workbook is a bit like having your own business bible.

Print off the workbook and work through in your own time, to build the foundations of your business.

New for 2024

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I’ve had several 1:1 training sessions now with Deana over the years. Each time I’ve come away inspired to learn, ready to improve and practice my craft. Deana’s unique and patient teaching method means she explains and demonstrates everything so clearly. She ensures you totally understand a topic before moving ahead to the next. No question is too simple and Deana repeatedly answers every one without judgement. My work has definitely improved under Deana’s mentorship. I’m now confidently charging customers my worth and enjoy continued refresher course with Deana. She is a talented, friendly and gifted teacher. Thank you Deana.

Brilliant trainer and photographer! Absolutely lovely lady , very patient and understanding. She knows A LOT about photography and twice as much about babies ! Couldn’t recommend her enough x


On the 6th of October I did a two day 1:1 training session in Deana’s studio. I was a complete beginner and was very worried that I wouldn’t understand any of it. I had never photographed a newborn before and had only just picked up a camera. Deana’s training session was everything I needed and more ! Deana gave me the confidence to not only photograph my first ever newborn during the training but to then go on and start my own photography business. Deana was a fabulous teacher, very calm, supportive, easy going and if I was ever unsure of anything she would always find another way to explain. Deana went up and beyond to help me find the confidence to make my dreams become a reality. Before this training, I felt every overwhelmed and lost, I now know what I need to do and I how to do it. I would highly recommend Deana to anyone who’s thinking of becoming a photographer or needs that little confidence boost

Thank you! I’ve never done a course like that before so I had no idea what to expect but you explained everything so clearly. I learned so much and my head is now buzzing with ideas. Now I’ve just got to work out what to do first!! xx


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