Authentic guide to newborn photography  Online Course for absolute beginners

 Starts W/C 16th September 2024

   Now you are ready to start and grow your newborn photography business, this online mentoring programme is going to help and support you every step of the way.

Many women join this programme because they want a better work/life balance for themselves and their family.

If you have a young family this is the perfect job to bring you in good money and still give you that time with your family.

I know you have been dreaming about this for a while and perhaps the not knowing where to start has been stopping you, but now you are ready, I am going to support, guide and encourage you with this 12 week programme. I will take away the overwhelm and show you step by step in simple terms, how to become a newborn photographer and importantly, how to run your business.

Not only that but you will save a huge amount of time and stress trying to do it all by yourself.

I have over 14 years experience, and I am going to show you how to build your business with alternative’s to some of the expense of starting out and help you through every step in a no faff and real way?

With accountability and support, so you achieve the outcome that you want.

At the beginning of 2023 I took 4 lovely people who had never photographed a newborn before, who knew nothing about newborn photography and helped them build not only their business, but their confidence and a portfolio.

This was my trial to see how much they could learn and gain from this online programme.

They blew me away with how much they absorbed, how much they learnt, how much they improved during the programme. 

 How they went from having a camera but no idea, to producing newborn images they were proud of and earning money too.

The transformation was amazing.

I know this programme works because I have helped many women now who were absolute beginners set up their business, build their knowledge, understand their camera, learn how to safely pose a newborn, build their portfolio, edit their images, build their confidence, get their name out there and earn money doing something they are passionate about.

Each module is broken down to help you learn the foundations of newborn photography to build your business and your brand. 

On completion of the programme, you will have the skills, confidence and knowledge that you need, as well as your own portfolio of gorgeous newborn images and the essential business knowledge that you need.

I am going to help you, teach you, support you, encourage you and virtually hold your hand and take you from where you are now to having your own business and confidently photographing newborns.

I am going to help you take that step from dreaming about it, to doing it.

I have helped turn the most nervous, unconfident, lacking in self belief brand new photographers, mums and career women, into confident, knowledgeable newborn photographers, that are actually doing it, running their dream business. 

This is the very start to building your dream.

This is not your ordinary newborn training, this is authentic so you will learn real life experiences, not a glorified version.

This course will help you earn while you learn, with simple steps to get you to where you want to be.

Yes I will be showing you how to earn while you are learning this programme.

I will be your personal business and photography mentor and will be with you every step of the way.

Starts w/c 16th September 2024

12 week programme

Either join me live each week or watch in your own time


Save £95 when you book before the 31st July 2024

Pay in full or pay a £75 deposit now and split the cost across 3 payments.

You just need a camera and a lovely journal.

Includes support throughout, check ins and a certificate of completion once tasks have been completed.

Plus a meeting 2 months after course to see how you are all getting on.

Dates will be arranged going forward to suit.


Meet The lovely Emma and hear what she has to say about her experience on this programme.

So who is this for?

Absolute beginners to not just newborn photography, but photography.

This is perfect for mums wanting to start out because thats exactly how I started so we will work around family, baby, work, furbaby 🙂 commitments, so you dont have to worry about that.

You can have baby join our online meetings if need be, its not a problem, this is not formal, turn up in your pjs, just come as you are, whatever works for you.

It is for women who are already working in a full time or part time job and want to either get out of it completely or reduce their hours to have more time to enjoy life and family.

You can ask me questions as we go, as many as you need!

The content will be there for you to watch again and in your own time so it can fit around your kids and work commitments.  

 I will be here for the next 12 weeks helping you start up your business and learn photography.

You do not need any experience to join, just a passion, dedication and a drive to make this happen.  Don’t let fear and time hold you back if its your dream, I will help you make it a reality.

 Would you recommend this course to others?

100 % yes. The sheer honesty and real experiences that are being shared, and the fact that you are so truthful about your journey from complete beginner to award winning newborn photographer inspires me and gives me hope that I could achieve a solid regular income from newborn photography. You are not only showing us how to do things, but why we should do them as well as always saying we have choices of how we do things, because its our business. I love that you don’t just say it’s your way or not atall, and I really appreciate how you are there to answer questions and help with insecurities . Having been self taught and never having any real direction from anyone I wondered if I’d struggle to keep up, but you make it such an enjoyable experience and your friendly approach is absolutely brilliant. Anyone who is thinking about starting newborn photography, whether they already know huge amounts about settings lighting and editing or whether they are literally just picking up there first camera will benefit from your experience and guidance 🙂

I can’t imagine anyone else running a course quite like yours, it is most definitely authentic and unique 🙂

I really didn’t know where to start, as a complete beginner, I didn’t even have a professional camera. Deanna helped me navigating choosing a great second hand camera which saved me a ton of money enabling me to get other bits I needed to start on this journey. Deana is so helpful and lovely. I had so many questions and she was always really responsive and was always there to help along the way.

During this course I have created a logo, set up fb and instagram business accounts. Deanna assisted me with all the equipment needs and her advice has really saved me lots of money through her own learnt experiences. Whilst on this course I have learnt: safe newborn poses, how to edit, how to market my business. The great thing is all our meetings are recorded so I can go back and watch them again if I need to.


Deana is an excellent mentor. I had her online beginner newborn photography course and I learnt loads from her. I had no idea where to start and what to do in the beginning. She explained everything step by step very clearly.
She is very supportive, whenever I got questions she replied me back with a lot of helpful informations.
She is very friendly and make you feel like you are not the only one who struggle and make you feel better and realise that it is absolutely normal.
I was looking forward to seeing her every week, I have already missed her…
Thank you so much for everything 🤍


I recently completed online newborn photography course with Deana and couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience. The course was incredibly comprehensive, covering everything from lighting and posing to post-processing techniques.
Deana is not only a master of her craft but also a patient and encouraging teacher.

What stood out the most was the hands-on approach and personalized feedback. During the sessions, Deana provided detailed guidance and was always willing to answer questions, no matter how small.

Her passion for newborn photography is contagious, and she truly care about her students’ success.

Thanks to this course, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my photography skills and confidence. If you’re looking to excel in newborn photography, I highly recommend Deana and her course. It’s an investment in your future that you won’t regret!


Thank you so so much for all your help! 
I’m excited for what I can do with my photography business! It’s thanks to your time, effort and encouragement that I am able to see how I can achieve a successful photography business and a much better work/life balance for me and my family! 

 What will I learn

-Business Basics

-Newborn Safety

-Camera Settings



-Posing a baby

-Baby cues, keeping baby calm


-Costs & Pricing

-Getting your first clients

-Simple Marketing and getting your name out there

– Preparing the parents for the shoot

-Finding your style



-Includes workbooks/pdfs/cheat sheets

-Downloadable posing cards

-Top tips

-Discount for future programmes and 1:1 training

You will be sent over a link with your password to access all content so you can watch as much as you want.


Includes a

Certificate of completion & support throughout as well as check ins and a progress meeting 2 months after completion of the course.

 Previous students work

These are some of the gorgeous images that previous students have created whilst on the course

When I first started, I was so nervous about photographing newborns in particular and was researching expensive private photography tuition and all sorts. I also didnt really know where to start with building a business and was feeling quite overwhelmed and wishing I hadnt even started the whole debacle! From the very first zoom call, I was so impressed with what I had learnt. You made me feel confident and excited about my business.


This course has made a huge difference, I just can not believe how much Ive learnt from you. This course has been the best money that I have spent on the business so far. I cant thank you enough xx


I’m not sure what I was expecting but what you did was absolutely fantastic for me. I don’t do video calls normally but your friendly approach and your absoloute honesty and understanding about how expensive this can be and giving alternatives was exactly what I needed personally. So for me I’m absolutely hooked and looking forward to next week. 


I joined this course thinking that I knew the basics of starting up a business from my own research, however Deana has the experience and knowledge to point you in the right direction for things such as insurance, contracts, suppliers etc. I have found it so insightful and has really helped me to put a business plan into place. Whenever I finish a session with Deana, I feel confident and motivated in my business decisions. I can’t wait to progress onto the Newborn safety training and editing sessions.


Highly recommending Deana Louise Hewitt! I’m currently doing her online workshop and it’s amazing. Amount of knowledge that Deana is sharing is incredible – you won’t get that during in person workshop. I would say that this is more like a mentorship. ❤️❤️❤️



Absolutely, I will be helping you with model calls from week 3 onwards, this is how you will build your portfolio.

This is aimed at total beginners to newborn photography. If you have only just got a camera, don’t worry I will be showing you what settings you will need and how to use your camera as well, so even if you are new to your camera, I will be helping you with that also.

The content will be available for you to look back on for the next 6 months.

  The beauty of my training is that I only teach and mentor now(with the occasional shoot) so my time is dedicated to you, The Art of you is like a comfort blanket for your business, so throughout the 12 weeks you can contact me anytime via email with any concerns or questions and I will always get back to you and help. You don’t have to wait until the next session to talk to me. Plus because I only work with a limited number of people each year, I will stay in touch with you beyond the 12 weeks to see how you are doing.  If you wanted extra support beyond what you will receive you can always book a 1:1 session to go over whatever it is you need.

I will be letting you know exactly what you will need and giving you the links to purchase them. We start off with the basics so you can build on this as you grow.

Dont worry everything will be recorded, many of the mentees have young children or work part time, so you can choose to work through the programme when it suits you if you cant make it to the lives. I will of course be checking in on you to see if you need any help and I am always at the end of an email or call.

So I work with the mentees who have signed up, after our first session we arrange a date going forward for the next one that suits. If you are planning on just watching the recordings only, please let me know so I can keep in touch and see how you are getting on.

  Absolutely, if you have completed all the modules and tasks, you will be more than ready to start booking in paid clients. With the marketing we will be working on you will be advertising your business whilst you are working through this course. 

 Meet your mentor

I am a nature loving creative, who takes on animals that need a new home.

My family of animals includes, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and alpacas. I have over 70 in total , all living their best life.

I have been photographing newborns for 14 years, during that time I gained an associate in Newborn Photography, won over 40 awards, have been a mentor, judge and helped produce the new newborn safety certification.

I now enjoy passing on my knowledge to others in a no faff, authentic way.

Previous students have said they love my simple approach to teaching so that everything is easy to follow and then implement into their own business, they love that im an open book.

I’ve had several 1:1 training sessions now with Deana over the years. Each time I’ve come away inspired to learn, ready to improve and practice my craft. Deana’s unique and patient teaching method means she explains and demonstrates everything so clearly. She ensures you totally understand a topic before moving ahead to the next. No question is too simple and Deana repeatedly answers every one without judgement. My work has definitely improved under Deana’s mentorship. I’m now confidently charging customers my worth and enjoy continued refresher course with Deana. She is a talented, friendly and gifted teacher. Thank you Deana.

Brilliant trainer and photographer! Absolutely lovely lady , very patient and understanding. She knows A LOT about photography and twice as much about babies ! Couldn’t recommend her enough x


I am finding this course really useful and I am really enjoying it and at the end of it I will come out of it with my business and be able to build my dream.

Thank you for helping me, make my dream possible.


On the 6th of October I did a two day 1:1 training session in Deana’s studio. I was a complete beginner and was very worried that I wouldn’t understand any of it. I had never photographed a newborn before and had only just picked up a camera. Deana’s training session was everything I needed and more ! Deana gave me the confidence to not only photograph my first ever newborn during the training but to then go on and start my own photography business. Deana was a fabulous teacher, very calm, supportive, easy going and if I was ever unsure of anything she would always find another way to explain. Deana went up and beyond to help me find the confidence to make my dreams become a reality. Before this training, I felt every overwhelmed and lost, I now know what I need to do and I how to do it. I would highly recommend Deana to anyone who’s thinking of becoming a photographer or needs that little confidence boost

Highly recommending Deana Louise Hewitt! I’m currently doing her online workshop and it’s amazing. Amount of knowledge that Deana is sharing is incredible – you won’t get that during in person workshop. I would say that this is more like a mentorship. ❤️❤️❤️

What I love about this is Deana is there to support and help you over the course of 3 months, so it actually helps you action what you are being taught rather then a pre recorded class that you watch and dont action.

Doing this has really given me the kick up the bum I needed to get things done and start building my business.


Are you ready for the business of your dreams?

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