Authentic guide to newborn photography online course & mentoring

   Are you dreaming of becoming a newborn photographer but don’t know where to start?

Each week of this programme we will be working together on the foundations of newborn photography to build your business and your brand.  On completion of the programme, you will have the skills, confidence and knowledge to build your own portfolio of gorgeous newborn images as well as your business blueprint.

If you want to evolve from a person with a camera into a professional newborn photographer, then this is for you!

This authentic newborn photography course will give you all the knowledge, tools, support and the right mindset to build and grow your business.

This course will help you earn while you learn.

I will be your personal business and photography mentor and will be with you every step of the way.

10 week programme starts on the 24th April 2023


Pay £195 to reserve your place

then 2 instalments of £200 and 1 of £100

You just need a camera

You do not need any experience to join, just a passion, dedication and a drive to make this happen.  Don’t let fear hold you back if its your dream, I will help you make it a reality.

 Would you recommend this course to others?

100 % yes. The sheer honesty and real experiences that are being shared, and the fact that you are so truthful about your journey from complete beginner to award winning newborn photographer inspires me and gives me hope that I could achieve a solid regular income from newborn photography. You are not only showing us how to do things, but why we should do them as well as always saying we have choices of how we do things, because its our business. I love that you don’t just say it’s your way or not atall, and I really appreciate how you are there to answer questions and help with insecurities . Having been self taught and never having any real direction from anyone I wondered if I’d struggle to keep up, but you make it such an enjoyable experience and your friendly approach is absolutely brilliant. Anyone who is thinking about starting newborn photography, whether they already know huge amounts about settings lighting and editing or whether they are literally just picking up there first camera will benefit from your experience and guidance 🙂

I can’t imagine anyone else running a course quite like yours, it is most definitely authentic and unique 🙂

I’m not sure what I was expecting but what you did was absolutely fantastic for me. I don’t do video calls normally but your friendly approach and your absoloute honesty and understanding about how expensive this can be and giving alternatives was exactly what I needed personally. So for me I’m absolutely hooked and looking forward to next week. 


I joined this course thinking that I knew the basics of starting up a business from my own research, however Deana has the experience and knowledge to point you in the right direction for things such as insurance, contracts, suppliers etc. I have found it so insightful and has really helped me to put a business plan into place. Whenever I finish a session with Deana, I feel confident and motivated in my business decisions. I can’t wait to progress onto the Newborn safety training and editing sessions.


Highly recommending Deana Louise Hewitt! I’m currently doing her online workshop and it’s amazing. Amount of knowledge that Deana is sharing is incredible – you won’t get that during in person workshop. I would say that this is more like a mentorship. ❤️❤️❤️


 What will I learn

-Business Basics

-Newborn Safety

-Camera Settings




-Baby cues, keeping baby calm


-Costs & Pricing

-Clients & Marketing

– Parent prep

-Finding your style


-Online or IPS

-Includes workbooks/pdfs/cheat sheets

-Downloadable posing cards

-Top tips

-And don’t forget you have 1:1 access to me to help and show you whatever it is you need extra support with

-Discount for in person workshops

The programme starts on 24th April 2023.

Dates will be arranged going forward with the group on our first meeting, so as many of you can attend live as possible.

For those that cant it will be recorded.

You will be sent over a link with your password to access all content and the live zoom links.

Support will be given throughout.


Includes a

Certificate of completion

 So who am I?

I am a nature loving creative, who takes on animals that need a new home.

My family of animals includes, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and alpacas. I have almost 50 in total, all living their best life.

I have been photographing newborns for 10 years, during that time I gained an associate in Newborn Photography, won over 40 awards, have been a mentor, judge and helped produce the new newborn safety certification.

I now enjoy passing on my knowledge to others in a no faff, authentic way.

Previous delegates have said they love my simple approach to teaching so that everything is easy to follow and then implement into their own business, they love that im an open book.

I’ve had several 1:1 training sessions now with Deana over the years. Each time I’ve come away inspired to learn, ready to improve and practice my craft. Deana’s unique and patient teaching method means she explains and demonstrates everything so clearly. She ensures you totally understand a topic before moving ahead to the next. No question is too simple and Deana repeatedly answers every one without judgement. My work has definitely improved under Deana’s mentorship. I’m now confidently charging customers my worth and enjoy continued refresher course with Deana. She is a talented, friendly and gifted teacher. Thank you Deana.

Brilliant trainer and photographer! Absolutely lovely lady , very patient and understanding. She knows A LOT about photography and twice as much about babies ! Couldn’t recommend her enough x


On the 6th of October I did a two day 1:1 training session in Deana’s studio. I was a complete beginner and was very worried that I wouldn’t understand any of it. I had never photographed a newborn before and had only just picked up a camera. Deana’s training session was everything I needed and more ! Deana gave me the confidence to not only photograph my first ever newborn during the training but to then go on and start my own photography business. Deana was a fabulous teacher, very calm, supportive, easy going and if I was ever unsure of anything she would always find another way to explain. Deana went up and beyond to help me find the confidence to make my dreams become a reality. Before this training, I felt every overwhelmed and lost, I now know what I need to do and I how to do it. I would highly recommend Deana to anyone who’s thinking of becoming a photographer or needs that little confidence boost

Highly recommending Deana Louise Hewitt! I’m currently doing her online workshop and it’s amazing. Amount of knowledge that Deana is sharing is incredible – you won’t get that during in person workshop. I would say that this is more like a mentorship. ❤️❤️❤️

Are you ready for the business of your dreams?

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