Saturday 28th September 2024


Suitable for beginners and for those of you that want to refine your skills and learn my beautiful workflow that will boost your confidence and that parents love.

This will be a fun, educational day that will be hands on, so you will each have a chance to assist on the day. 

Includes a certificate of completion to show you have had training

This is a small group workshop and there are only 2 spaces left.

This is the only time this year I will be back in Hertfordshire, so it is a fantastic opportunity and one not to be missed.


So Who Is This For?


For absolute beginners


For photographers who need a confidence boost


For photographers that want to be more creative


For photographers who want to refine their photography skills


For women who are passionate about persuing this as a career


For photographers seeking help and support


For photographers wanting to build their portfolio


For photographers who need help standing out


For women who have tried going it alone but know they need help to get where they want to be

What will I learn?

Newborn Safety

How to pose your subject

How to keep parents calm & relaxed

How to keep baby content


Camera settings

Posing workflow


Camera Settings

Styling on a budget



Some Business Essentials

I started as a mum of 3 under 5, no clue, never run a business before and had my cheap camera and kit lens and a massive passion and desire to be able to create what I had seen in a magazine. Other photographers laughed at me because I was so innocent and naive when it came to running a business, because I didnt have loads of expensive kit and because I grew up in the East End and spoke with a cockney accent.

But what I did have was passion in bucket loads, determination, stubborness and

I can and I will attitude.

I didnt want to go back to work and sit in a stuffy office, I wanted time with my kids, time for me, noone to tell me I cant have the day off.

So I educated myself in every way possible, I have created the life I want, I have gone from nothing to associate in newborn photography, I have won over 40 international awards, I have won several business awards and now my lovely, I am going to help you create the life you desire, to get out of the doing what everyone else is doing and start living into what is possible xx

Meet your Trainer

Hello my lovelies, I really hope you are super excited about working with me, as I am with you.

I love to do things a bit different, so I know you are going to love your training 🙂

If you would like to join me the night before please feel free as I will be staying in the hotel.

I have created my business around the life that I wanted and I am going to help you do the same, because you dont have to do what everybody else is doing. 

I really cant wait to work with you

Deana xx

Thank you! I’ve never done a workshop like that before so I had no idea what to expect but you explained everything so clearly. I learned so much and my head is now buzzing with ideas. Now I’ve just got to work out what to do first!! xx


Deana is really friendly and goes above and beyond to help you not only with your photography but with your confidence and self belief. As a self taught photographer I was worried that I wouldnt be able to understand or follow everything, but Deana’s simple approach to teaching ensured I fully understood everything. I am so glad I found Deana, I have learnt so much from her. 


Deana is so creative and offers a service like no other. If you  are wanting to learn how to take beautiful portraits, that stand out, tell a story and evoke a feeling,  then I highly recommend that you join one of her workshops.


This was a beautiful experience. Deana has a real gift for seeing a person’s essence and translating that potential into stunning visuals. If you are wanting to push your creativity, do something different and discover a whole new approach to portraits, then you absolutely must do one of Deana workshops.


I want to create a business around the life I desire