My Vision

Hello my lovelies, my name is Deana, I am an essence artist and newborn and portrait photography trainer, mentor and dream builder.

I help photographers new and experienced build their business, break the mould and follow their dreams.

Even if they lack confidence, self belief and suffer with imposter syndrome and are totally in the wrong mindset, actually, especially if they are in the wrong mindset and have no confidence at all 🙂 If they feel lost, stagnated, lack creativity and cant seem to find their mojo.

I make it my absolute mission to help them stand out, not follow the crowd and even if they absolutely hate the business side of being in business and feel like they have no idea of what that are doing, I help them turn that all around and build a Be You Business.

I work with you to give you support, clarity, confidence, focus, a few giggles, knowledge, an ear, and share everything good and bad I have learnt in over 10 years.


I help you create a business you love that is true to who you are, without the need to follow the crowd.

You will discover your Be You business and develop the right mindset to allow you to be you and value you.

A magical mix of the right mindset, structure and creativity to build your dream business from.

Create the balance of work and play and lead, not follow.


Deana Louise xx


Never a hard day at the office here, I surround myself with nature, free roaming alpacas, sunshine(when we have it) the sound of birds and gorgeous George(the cockral) singing his song and over 3o gorgeous bunnies 🙂

You can now join me in this space for a 1:1 Business & mindset balance

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So why do I do what I do?

Being able to inspire others to achieve what may seem the impossible, when they are full of self doubt and lack confidence, feels like a super power. I have been told, I cant do that, I have felt like a fraud, felt stupid, felt not good enough, felt full of doubt with no confidence and I have done it anyway.

If I can do it, so can you.

As a family we rescue rabbits, I think that rabbits are one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet and yet there are so many that are left unwanted, unloved and left in tiny hutches, alone.

We have 40 now and making sure they are looked after is paramount, including their yearly vaccinations against the horrendous myxomatosis.

The costs of this vaccination have risen, alot, in fact its almost the same as a dog, so if you love bunnies as much as we do and you are reading this and would like to help with a donation, even if its £1, it would be extremelly appreciated to help keep them all safe and help future rabbits that may need our help. xx

Are you ready to follow your dreams!

Whether you are brand new or want to refine your skills and business, The art of you 

will help you build the business of your dreams.