The Art Of You

The Essence Artist

I help you stand out by creating a photography business with an open heart.

Newborn & portrait photography trainer & mentor, 1:1’s, small group workshops and online training.

This is more than photography training, its building your confidence, self belief and your dream business.

The art of you helps create freedom through art, It help’s photographers build their dream business and give’s you the tools to create beautiful images. The art of you help’s creative souls break the mould.

The art of you is a confidence builder, dream maker, support and a self belief builder.

The art of you creates art through photographs and turns photographs into art.

The Art of You Training for Photographers

If you are wanting to start out in newborn or portrait photography or need help and support in your business, whether that be creating images or finding your business blueprint, The art of you offers online and in person 1:1’s and group workshops, to help you reach your goals and get to where you want to be. The art of you will inspire you to achieve what may seem the impossible, help you remove your self doubt or lack of confidence and support you to reach your dreams.

Studio visits are available as well as complete VIP Programme.


The Art of You Commissioned artwork

Whether you want to celebrate you, want an album cover or book cover, you can be your own masterpiece.


Artwork for your mind, body and soul.    Each piece has been created to offer a different sense of calm, peace, wonder and intrigue.


Because its so much more than just taking a photo!

Join me in making dreams come true and making self belief your new best friend

Are you ready to make a change?

When you believe in yourself you can do anything.