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The Art Of You

The Essence Artist

I help you create a business you love and that is true to who you are, without feeling the need to follow the crowd.

I will help you discover your Be You Business and develop the right mindset to allow you to be you and value you.

With the right mindset and the right structure to build from, you will be able to charge your worth, create your dream business and create balance between work and play.

I will inspire you, to not follow in your business, but lead.

The Art of you specialises in helping brand new photographers go from start up to pro with my Signature Methodology.

Specialising in Newborn photography and portrait photography.

Choose to join me for a 1:1 at my studio in Lincolnshire

  Join one of my online group mentoring programmes or my

 VIP Newborn Mastery 1:1 Mentoring programme

to master your craft and be the very best version of you.

Deana Louise

Deana Louise

Artist, Mentor & Trainer


I work with women who are brand new and looking to start up and follow their dream, I work with women who have started up and are needing the help and support to turn pro.

I work with hard working mums who want to create a better life for their family.

I work with women who are ready to change their lives, who want to get out of the 9-5, women who want to gain back their power of time and have more of it to spend doing what they love.

If you are ready to invest in you and your business, even if right now, its just a dream, I am going to give you the confidence, knowledge and tools to make it happen. xx

The art of you help’s photographers build their dream business and give’s you the tools to not only create beautiful images, but a beautiful business and mindset. 

The art of you help’s creative souls break the mould.

The art of you is a confidence builder, dream maker, support and a self belief builder.

Newborn photography training


If you are wanting to start out in newborn or need help and support in your business, whether that be creating images, confidence or finding your business blueprint. The art of you offers online and in person 1:1’s, to help you reach your goals and get to where you want to be. The art of you will inspire you to achieve what may seem the impossible, help you remove your self doubt or lack of confidence and support you to reach your dreams.

Training and courses suitable for all levels.

Studio visits are available as well as a complete Signature 1:1 VIP Mastermind Programme.


Portrait photography training

If you want to learn how to take better portraits, unleash your creativity, manage your mindset and boost your business skills, these 1 day 1:1’s will be totally tailored to you and your needs. Suitable for all levels.

Photography business training

If you are struggling with the business side or just starting out and would like guidance and support to build solid foundations, you can choose from my online business course, a business health check or my Signature 1:1 Business mentoring.

We will work on your business and confidence to give you focus and clarity to create your business blueprint and build a strong structure for your business to bloom.

Because its so much more than just taking a photo!

Join me in making dreams come true and making self belief your new best friend

Are you ready to make a change?

When you believe in yourself you can do anything.