This is for the photographer who feels like their business is lacking, in structure, clarity, goals and alignment.

If you want to supercharge your business and start earning the money you deserve, then grab your spot below.

You are in the right place if doing more of what you love matters to you, if your dreams matter to you, if building a business that is authentic matters to you. 

If being the very best version of you and earning money from doing what you love, matters to you.

This 6 month coaching programme is for wedding, newborn and portrait photographers, it will give you all the support you need to build an authentic Be You photography business, that gives you the life and business that you want as well as the right mindset.

We will meet once a month online to work together to build a strong structure for you to thrive and grow.

If you are serious about your business, it starts with you, invest in your business, invest in yourself.


Either pay in full or pay a deposit of £288 and 4 monthly payments of £150.

I am committed to making this course accessible for you because I know the impact this will have on you and your business and I want you to succeed and be able to achieve what I have.

You dont have to settle with just about scraping through, you really dont. 

I dont want anyone who wants to join me, miss out, because of money, which is why you have the option to split the cost

Starts January 2024, dates will be arranged going forward, limited spaces.



If you could charge what your work and time are worth, if you could work with the right clients that love what you do, who are excited to work with you, who dont make it all about price, so you dont feel the need to justify what you do and what they get over and over again, leaving you feeling deflated.

If you could be more confident in your business and have structured marketing and goals, to actually feel like you are a business woman, who is here to make money and have a better life for you and your family, your not apologetically running this as a hobby or side hustle.

Imagine this and much more

When you take that step to make a change, this all becomes possible.

 What’s included

Reflection and intention session

6 Monthly online learning sessions 

Monthly resources and tasks

Replay videos of each session

2 Accountability check ins

6 months of ongoing support

Spaces are limited so you have my full attention for the next exciting 6 months.

A beautiful mix of creativity, business, mindset and a little bit of magic.

In a nutshell I will be showing you exactly how I went from an unconfident, nervous mum with a camera, running a business that felt like a hobby and not charging enough, to a streamlined, refined, stand out business, that filled me with confidence and self belief and paid me my worth.

I will be helping you achieve your dreams.

This is not for you if

You are looking for a quick fix

You are not prepared to put in the work

You just want to follow the crowd and latest trends

You are not interested in creating a Be You business

You are not interested in creativity, a little bit of magic and looking at things differently

You are not serious about your business

You want all the work done for you



You want a better work-life balance

You want to earn more money

You want to feel more confident

You want to have focus and clarity

You are ready to put in the work

You know something needs to change and you are ready for that change

You want to be more creative

You want your business to stand out

You want to know exactly who your ideal client is

You want to nail your marketing

You have an open mind and are ready for what’s possible

You want to get where you want to be faster

You want to have a better relationship with money

You want ongoing support

You want to follow your dreams

Each month we will be looking at






-Money talks

-Includes workbooks/pdfs/cheat sheets

Over 6 months we will be going deeper with each topic and explore the sub topics, which make up over 40 key points of knowledge that will supercharge your business.

Hello my lovelies, Im Deana, an East London girl who had a passion for photography and decided one day after seeing a professional newborn photograph in a magazine that, thats what I wanted to do.

I took my £400 camera and kit lens and attended my first group workshop, where I felt like a total fraud, I knew nothing. 

Being as stubborn and determined as I am, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this and I gave myself 6 months to do it.

I had 3 kids under 5 and very little money but what I did know was that if I had a hope in hell of making this work, I had to find the money to educate myself, the cheap camera does the job but without knowledge, without the experience and wisdom of someone who was already doing what I wanted, I may as well of given up there and then.

Within 12 months I had won 2 awards, people were actually booking me, actually bloody paying me to do what I absolutely loved.

I knew what I wanted from my business so I trained more in every aspect of business, I wanted to know as much as possible to get where I wanted to be.

The best lesson I learnt was my Be You Business approach, this was not about following trends or the crowd but creating an authentic business from within.

10 years later, over 40 photographic awards, an associate in newborn photography, judge of an international awards, 3 business awards and a business that stood out, Images that stood out and being paid well for doing what I loved.

I had made the dream happen and gone beyond that.

If an East End girl like me, not university educated, but with a dream can make it a reality, so can you and I am going to spend the next 6 months showing you how xx

If you feel like you are not where you want to be in business, feel overwhelmed and like you are being ghosted or not getting enough bookings, I am here to tell you its not your fault. 

You dont know what you dont know and until you do how can things possibly change and get better?

Maybe you have tried going it alone, watching videos and signing up to free downloads and courses, maybe that didn’t work.

What’s different?

Why will this work?

This is not a one trick pony, quick fix, this is a complete authentic support system.

Now is the time to give it all you’ve got and really make your business work, its time to stop thinking about it and hoping for the best and start taking action to ensure it works.

Be your own boss, work when you want, take a holiday when you want, stop telling yourself you cant and start telling yourself you can, you can do all of that if you make your business work.

Why cant you make the money you want?

Why cant you work when you want?

Why cant you have clients that love you and what you do?

Why cant you do things your way?

Is staying as you are, not joining me on this small group programme really an option?

What if I cant attend a session?

Everything will be recorded, so you can catch up and watch in your own time.

How much time do I get with you?

You will be able to talk to me live each month during the sessions, you also have 2 accountability catch ups.

You can of course contact me inbetween for extra support

How long does each session last?

Each session will vary, depending on topic, as a guide prepare to put aside at least 2 hours per session.

You then need to put aside your own time to do the work.

Mastermind will run from January-June 2024

I’ve had several 1:1 training sessions now with Deana over the years. Each time I’ve come away inspired to learn, ready to improve and practice my craft. Deana’s unique and patient teaching method means she explains and demonstrates everything so clearly. She ensures you totally understand a topic before moving ahead to the next. No question is too simple and Deana repeatedly answers every one without judgement. My work has definitely improved under Deana’s mentorship. I’m now confidently charging customers my worth and enjoy continued refresher course with Deana. She is a talented, friendly and gifted teacher. Thank you Deana.

Brilliant trainer and photographer! Absolutely lovely lady , very patient and understanding. She knows A LOT about photography and twice as much about babies ! Couldn’t recommend her enough x


On the 6th of October I did a two day 1:1 training session in Deana’s studio. I was a complete beginner and was very worried that I wouldn’t understand any of it. I had never photographed a newborn before and had only just picked up a camera. Deana’s training session was everything I needed and more ! Deana gave me the confidence to not only photograph my first ever newborn during the training but to then go on and start my own photography business. Deana was a fabulous teacher, very calm, supportive, easy going and if I was ever unsure of anything she would always find another way to explain. Deana went up and beyond to help me find the confidence to make my dreams become a reality. Before this training, I felt every overwhelmed and lost, I now know what I need to do and I how to do it. I would highly recommend Deana to anyone who’s thinking of becoming a photographer or needs that little confidence boost

Highly recommending Deana Louise Hewitt! I’m currently doing her online workshop and it’s amazing. Amount of knowledge that Deana is sharing is incredible – you won’t get that during in person workshop. I would say that this is more like a mentorship. ❤️❤️❤️


Are you ready for the business of your dreams?

The first step is to